Serene Memorial Gardens

Perpetual Care Cemetery in Moss Point, Mississippi.

Serene Memorial Gardens stands as a revered cemetery nestled in the heart of coastal Mississippi. Since the 1960’s, we've been steadfast in our commitment to serving families, both local and beyond, with compassionate and professional care.

Over six decades, the grounds of Serene Memorial Gardens have become a sanctuary preserving the rich tapestry of our community's history. Families find solace and pride knowing their loved ones rest eternally in this cherished place. Today, Serene Memorial Gardens remains a tranquil refuge for remembrance, honor, and contemplation.

As a perpetual care cemetery under the oversight of the Mississippi Secretary of State, Serene Memorial Gardens is dedicated to ensuring the perpetual maintenance and preservation of its grounds through a trust fund.

We warmly welcome you to experience the tranquility and beauty of Serene Memorial Gardens firsthand. Our cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset for your visitation.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

For a full list of rules and regulations, please download the PDF. Click here

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are Serene Memorial Gardens cemetery hours? The cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year. Any person entering the cemetery at any other time without authorization from cemetery personnel will be considered a trespasser and treated accordingly as such.
  • What are the office hours of Serene Memorial Gardens?Office hours are typically Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Holidays and severe weather may affect office hours. 
  • Where do I park at Serene Memorial Gardens?Parking is allowed only on paved roadways. Please do not park on grass. 
  • Does Serene Memorial Gardens offer financing or payment plans?Yes. Please contact our office to explore finance options.
  • How can I find where my loved one is laid to rest?Please come to our office during normal business hours and we will be happy to show you where your loved one is laid to rest.
  • What should I do about Ants?We apply ant poison four times a year.  Small mounds may arise from time to time. Please contact our office with concerns.
  • There was a heavy rain and my loved one's grave needs more dirt, what should I do?Graves naturally settle over a period of time.  We add more dirt when the grounds are dry.
  • Are pets allowed?No, pets are not allowed in the cemetery. Services animals must be on a leash and you must clean up after them. 
  • Are pet burials allowed?No, pets are not allowed to be buried in the cemetery. 
  • What type of grave markers are allowed?Only bronze on flat granite markers are allowed in Serene Memorial Gardens. Memorials must be pre-approved and meet cemetery requirements. Memorials not purchased through Serene Memorial Gardens are subject to an installation fee. 
  • Can I plant flowers on or around graves?No, planting of flowers, decorative plants, shrubs, or trees of any kind is not allowed and will be removed immediately without notice. 
  • Can I add landscaping features?No,  hedges, fences, edgings, enclosures, or borders of any kind are not permitted. Mulching, wood chips, rocks, stones, pebbles, landscape fabric, or any other items is strictly prohibited and will be removed immediately without notice.
  • Which decorations are not permitted?Wooden boxes, lawn ornaments, wind chimes, bird feeders, signs, sculptures, shepherd hooks, cans, toys, bottles (decorative or otherwise), any item made of glass, ceramic, or wire is not allowed. Any adornment that can break, cause safety concerns, or impede the cemetery's ability to care for the grounds will not be permitted and will be removed immediately without notice. 
  • Can I add solar lights?Yes, solar lights are permitted but are limited to one light per single marker and 2 lights per double marker. Solar lights must be against (touching) the monument. 
  • Can I add fresh cut flowers?Yes, fresh or artificial flowers are permitted and may be placed in cemetery approved vases only. These will be removed when they become dried, faded, or otherwise unsightly. 
  • Can I add potted plants, baskets, or flower stands?Yes, but baskets and stands are only permitted at the time of internment. Potted plants are allowed only on appropriate holidays and will be removed ten (10) days after the holiday. Poinsettias and Christmas decorations will be removed by January 15th each year. Once the plants become unsightly it will be removed immediately without notice.
  • Is Serene Memorial Gardens Liable for vandalism, theft, or damage?Serene Memorial Gardens does not assume and is not liable for damage, actual or mental, caused by elements or acts of God, and other acts beyond our control, be it direct or indirect. SMG is not liable for theft or damage to any personal property, or personal effects placed on or near interment spaces or elsewhere in the cemetery.

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