How To Choose A Memorial Tree

A simple 5 step checklist for planning your memorial tree.

A memorial tree can be a beautiful way to honor the memory of a loved one who has passed away. Here are some steps you can follow to make a memorial tree for a funeral:

1. Choose a tree

Select a tree that is appropriate for the location and climate of the area where the tree will be planted. Consider the size, growth rate, and maintenance requirements of the tree. If you are not sure, speak with a master gardener and local landscape specialist.  

2. Pick a location

Choose a location for the tree that is meaningful to the deceased or their family. It could be in a garden, park, or private property. Make sure you have permission from the property owner or manager to plant the tree. We recommend having this in writing to protect the tree. Some trees can live over 50 to 75 years.

3. Plan the planting

Make sure you have the necessary tools and materials for planting the tree, including a shovel, water, and fertilizer. You may also want to consider adding a plaque or marker to the site with the name of the deceased with any other meaningful information. The marker will help inform future generations of the importance of this tree. 

4. Involve family and friends

Consider involving family and friends in the planting process. You can ask them to bring soil or water from a place that was meaningful to the deceased. Write messages and plant flowers around the tree to help bring instant meaningful beauty at the planting ceremony. 

5. Care for the tree

Make sure to water and care for the tree regularly, especially during the first few years after planting. You can also consider adding mulch around the base of the tree to help it retain moisture and nutrients. We suggest adding calendar reminders to help care and water. 

A memorial tree can provide a lasting tribute to a loved one while serving as a symbol of hope and renewal. Shop the selection of seedlings and trees found in the Holder Wells sympathy gift shop. 

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